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Our Staff


Start Date /Position  August 14, 2001 / Responsible for what's in the bottle

Bio   Carl is an artistically engineered dilettante with an anti-authoritarian attitude

Hobbies  Playing guitar

Favorite Allegro Wine  Nearly as difficult as picking between his kids: Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Coffee and beer (not necessarily in that order)

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig, and "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. Blues Brothers. Groundhog Day.

Favorite Vacation Spot  Anywhere in Germany

Guilty Pleasure  Twitter

Pet Peeve  The word "peeve"

Super Power  The ability to always be boring (but never be bored)

Favorite Sport  Basketball

Weakness  A severe form of paralysis of analysis mixed with a good dose of ADD

Zodiac Sign  You know astrology is BS, right?


Start Date /Position  2004/Corporate Sales Representative

Bio  Steve was born in Stewartstown, PA.  He has a BS from Penn State University. Steve lived on Eastern Shore, then moved back to PA in 1997.

Hobbies  Traveling, cooking

Favorite Allegro Wine  Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Grey Goose martini, bloody mary

Favorite Vacation Spot  Europe

Favorite Musician  Nina Simone


Start Date /Position November 2006/Tasting room staff January 2015/Operations Manager

Bio  Brenda grew up in Hummel's Wharf, PA, an area just outside of Selinsgrove. She has a B.A. in Political Science from Bloomsburg University and an M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Drexel. She worked in the MBA Program at York College for 18 years before escaping her career as a higher eduction adminstrator for the romantic winery life. She currently lives in Dallastown with a cat named Jack.

Hobbies  Taking care of business

Favorite Allegro Wine  Prelude - Allegro's dry rose

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Bloody Mary or a drity vodka Martini

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Scandal

Celebrity Crush  Matthew McConaughey, Jon Bon Jovi

Favorite Vacation Spot  Outer Banks

Favorite Musician  Daughtry

Guilty Pleasure  Popcorn for dinner

Pet Peeve  Inefficiency

Super Power  Getting things done

Favorite Sport Team  DGAS

Weakness  Overthinking absolutely EVERYTHING!

Strength   Persistence and resourcefulness

Zodiac Sign  Capricorn


Start Date /Position  2006 / Tasting staff, festivals and special events

Bio  Born in The Brogue, Stevie has a Bachelors of Science from Penn State University in Marketing, with a  Minor in Economics, and emphasis on International Business. Her full time job is nothing related; she works full-time for an insurance company, trouble shooting system issues for the claims system and working on projects and software testing for system releases and/or process improvement enhancements.  Stevie has 2 brilliant adult son’s (they take after their Mom) with the oldest starting his own business and the youngest still in college. She plans on taking early retirement and joining the wine industry full-time after her son has finished college.

Hobbies  Wine, reading, hiking, biking, kayaking, cooking, traveling

Favorite Allegro Wine  Cadenza, really old Chardonnays

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Champagne - the real stuff!

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Jane Eyre or Wuthring Heights (books), Elf (movie),

Celebrity Crush  Not her thing

Favorite Vacation Spot  The beach!

Favorite Musician  Any genre, with country music finishing last.

Guilty Pleasure  PB Eggs

Pet Peeve  Laziness

Super Power  Super-mom - career girl - multi-tasker

Favorite Sport Team  Whatever sport or team her sons were involved in

Weakness  Over analysis

Strength   Analytical and technical stuff

Zodiac Sign  Scorpio


Start Date /Position  2007 / Tasting and sales (Mechanicsburg Giant)

Bio  Craig was raised in Harrisburg. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, and is a retired teacher from CV.

Hobbies  Civil War

Favorite Allegro Wine  Blues

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Guinness


Start Date /Position  2008 / Sales at Allegro north locations

Bio Born in Harrisburg, Mike was a teacher in the Philadelphi area and a high school principal and Director of Admin. Services at West Shore School District. He has 5 children (all boys), and 7 grandchildren.

Hobbies  Golf, gardening

Favorite Allegro Wine  Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Coffee

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  NCIS, Blue Bloods

Favorite Vacation Spot  Tennessee Smokey Mountains

Favorite Musician  Celtic Women

Guilty Pleasure  Wine

Favorite Sport Team  Football, Disc Golf

Zodiac Sign  Cancer


Start Date /Position  February 2011 / Brogue tasting staff (elsewhere as needed), label design and illustration, brawn and construction

Bio  Emery grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland. He has a BF&PA in graphic design from Kent State. He now lives in Dallastown with his 2 chickens. When not pouring wine, he is a self-employed illustrator (www.emster.com), and has a small business fixing Macintosh computers. Emery ended up at Allegro because he wanted to work in a place where he couldn't tell people how do do their job.

Hobbies  Home brewing, bowling, fishing, buiding and fixing things

Favorite Allegro Wine  2010 Viognier - my first true (white wine) love

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Micro-brew - any brand - any style

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Survivor, The Big Lebowski

Celebrity Crush  Eva Mendez and Maria Bartiromo

Favorite Vacation Spot  Surf fishing on Assateague Island

Favorite Musician  Bob Schnieder

Guilty Pleasure  Cake

Pet Peeve  Lazy people, knots

Super Power  The ability to forget any and everything

Favorite Sport Team  Cleveland anything - born with it

Weakness  Gullible, naive

Strength   Sarcasm, reliability, sleeping

Zodiac Sign  Cancer (maybe)


Start Date /Position  2011 / Tasting room guru

Bio  Shannon was born in Maryland, but grew up in Virginia. She studied Nursing and is "crazy for wine". When she moved to Pennsylvania, her search for great wine led her to Allegro, with which she has become obsessed. She had to work here!

Hobbies  Singing

Favorite Allegro Wine  The open dry one

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Tequila

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  SOMM

Celebrity Crush  Gerald Butler, Johnny Depp

Favorite Vacation Spot  Cabo, Sonoma

Favorite Musician  ROCK!

Guilty Pleasure  Forte and dark chocolate

Pet Peeve  Non-wine drinkers

Super Power  Making wine disappear

Favorite Sport  Basketball, volleyball, cornhole

Weakness  Allegro wine

Strength   People - Shannon LOVES people!

Zodiac Sign  Taurus


Start Date /Position  2011 / Sales Associate

Bio  I was born at Harrisburg Hospital. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Principal Certifications from Lehigh University.  I was a Health and PE teacher before becoming a K-12 Principal.  Retired as a High School Principal. Currently, I'm an adjunct professor at Eastern University. I'm married to the former Ms. Sue Nelson.  We have 2 grown boys.

Hobbies  Working out

Favorite Allegro Wine  Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Scotch, especially the Haig Cub

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Killing Patton (book), Gladiator (movie), Blue Bloods (TV)

Celebrity Crush  Ivanka Trump

Favorite Vacation Spot  The beach

Favorite Musician  U2

Guilty Pleasure  Snacking between meals

Pet Peeve  Fake news

Super Power  Talking for long periods of time

Favorite Sport  Chicago Bears and ND football

Weakness  Right knee

Strength   Making people laugh

Zodiac Sign  Cancer


Start Date /Position  2012 / Nowadays, mostly tours and tastings. Previously, she did everything from vineyard work to cellar and bottling.

Bio  Born and raised in Airville, PA, Rebecca briefly escaped to get a degree in Communications and another in Equine Science (useful!). She currently lives with her 3 crazy dogs, 2 cats, and 2 horses.

Hobbies  Horses, reading, music

Favorite Allegro Wine  Skin Chardonnay

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Is there anything else?

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Lilo and Stitch, Star Trek

Celebrity Crush  Sam Rockwell

Favorite Vacation Spot  Any beach

Favorite Musician  Barleyjuice, Dwight Yoakam, The Boss

Guilty Pleasure  Music videos in the morning

Pet Peeve  Mistreatment of animals

Super Power  The ability to forget

Favorite Sport Team  US Equestrian Team

Weakness  Impatience

Strength   Empathy

Zodiac Sign  Aries/Taurus


Start Date /Position  August 2012 / Tasting Associate

Bio  Karen was born and raised in Michigan. Moved to Pennsylvania in 2001. She likes to spend her non Allegro time traveling with family and friends.

Hobbies  Reading

Favorite Allegro Wine  Chambourcin

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Manhattan

Favorite Book/Movie/TV Show  Outlander

Celebrity Crush  None

Favorite Vacation Spot  Anywhere she can learn something

Favorite Musician  None

Guilty Pleasure  Books

Pet Peeve  Procrastination

Super Power  None

Favorite Sport Team  None

Weakness  Impatience

Strength   Being organized

Zodiac Sign  Gemini


Start Date /Position  2013 / Whatever Brenda tells her to do

Bio  Sue has been married to her husband for 33 years. They have one son, Sean (28), and one daughter, Monica (20). She has a Bachelor's degree in Health Record Administration from York College, and a Master's degree in Human Resource Development from Villanova. She ended up at Allegro because of Brenda - "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!".

Hobbies  Knitting and playing with dogs

Favorite Allegro Wine  Constantly changing - currently Cadenza and Forte

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Angry Orchard

Favorite Book/Movie/TV Show  Chicago PD, Chicago Fire and Chicago Medical

Celebrity Crush  Taylor Kinney and Carl Helrich

Favorite Vacation Spot  OBX - anywhere with her family

Favorite Musician  Bon Jovi and The Eagles

Guilty Pleasure  Relaxing with wine and cheese

Pet Peeve  People who do not plan

Super Power  telepathic dog communication

Favorite Sport Team  Steelers

Weakness  Singing

Strength   Organization and cornhole

Zodiac Sign  Gemini


Start Date /Position  March 2014 / Vineyard Manager

Bio  Born in Davenport Iowa, started playing violin at 6, graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music, lived in Europe (Finland,Belgium,Italy) playing in orchestras.  Came back in 1986 and started 15 years playing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra until 2002 when I began my second career as a vineyard manager.

Hobbies  Listening to any Mahler symphony

Favorite Allegro Wine  2010 Reserve Merlot

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Beer

Favorite Vacation Spot  Sienna, Italy

Favorite Musician  Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Yo Yo Ma

Guilty Pleasure  Cooking food

Favorite Sport Team  Soccer, Italian national team Gli Azzurri (The Blues)

Weakness  Burgundy

Strength   Honesty

Zodiac Sign  Aquarius


Start Date /Position  May 14th 2015 / Maintenance-everything

Bio  Dwayne grew up in Drumore PA  (southern Lancaster County), and worked as a mechanic for 20 years. He stumbled upon an Allegro Facebook post looking for someone to repair the new bottling line. Dwayne came in to fix it and has been here ever since.

Hobbies  Playing guitar

Favorite Allegro Wine  Steel Chardonnay, Riesling

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Lost on the Appalachian Trail

Favorite Vacation Spot  Maine

Favorite Musician  Reckless Kelley, Cody Canada

Super Power  Waking up

Zodiac Sign  Gemini


Start Date /Position  July 2015 / Tasting room associate (Strasburg) & Door decorator extraordinaire

Bio Originally from Richfield, PA, Allison now lives in Lititz, PA. Her full-time job is Director of Child Care at Community Action Partnership of Lancaster. She have a BS in El Ed and an M. Ed in ECE.

Hobbies  Hiking

Favorite Allegro Wine  Forté, Merlot Chambourcin, and Rhythm

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Coffee

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  The Queen of the Tearling, Captain Fantastic, and The OC

Celebrity Crush  Zac Efron

Favorite Vacation Spot  Any National Park

Favorite Musician  Lord Huron

Guilty Pleasure  Cheeseburgers

Pet Peeve  People who say Pacific instead of specific

Super Power  Opening stubborn jars

Favorite Sport Team  El futbol

Zodiac Sign  Leo


Start Date /Position  July 2015 / Tasting room associate (Strasburg)

Bio  Born and raised in Lancaster County, Jess currently works full-time at a nursing facility as a billing specialist. She has an associates degree in Physical Therapy. Jessica has a younger sister who also lives in Lancaster and an older sister that lives in California. Someday, she hopes to be working with elephants as a zoologist.

Hobbies  Bowling, cooking, baking

Favorite Allegro Wine  Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Gin and tonic made with Ophir Gin and freshly squeezed limes

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Aladdin

Celebrity Crush  Johnny Depp

Favorite Vacation Spot  Anywhere that has a beach

Favorite Musician  Whitney Houston

Guilty Pleasure  Anything fried or salty

Pet Peeve  Food left in the sink after dishes are done...yuck.

Super Power  Wishes she had Teleportation so she could be at the beach or visiting her sister.

Favorite Sport Team  No favorite, but enjoys watching football and baseball

Weakness  She is a perfectionist

Strength   She is a perfectionist, and always happy

Zodiac Sign  Cancer


Start Date /Position  July 2015 / Tasting room associate (Strasburg)

Bio Nick is a Social Justice educator and trainer

Hobbies  Working for change, travel, wine

Favorite Allegro Wine  Bridge, Gruner Veltliner

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Rioja

Favorite Vacation Spot  Rocky Mountains, Floriday Keys

Favorite Musician  Lord Huron

Favorite Sport Team  El futbol


Start Date /Position  July 2015 / Tasting room associate (Strasburg)

Bio  Born and raised in Lancaster County, Pam now resides in Lititz, "the coolest town in America" with her husband, 12 year old son, Kodiak the Labradoodle, Lilly the Chihuahua, Izabella the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Pandora the cat.

Hobbies  Shopping, Harley Davidson, animals

Favorite Allegro Wine  Anything dry and red

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Anything with tequila in it

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  50 Shades series (book), Falling Down (movie), and reality TV shows

Celebrity Crush  Sting

Favorite Vacation Spot  Rehoboth Beach, DE

Favorite Musician  Fan of all music

Guilty Pleasure  Ice cream for breakfast

Pet Peeve  Talking to her before she has had her morning coffee

Super Power  Trying to rescue every dog in need

Favorite Sport Team  Steelers (especially Antonio Brown)

Weakness  Overthinking

Strength   Perseverance

Zodiac Sign  Scorpio


Start Date /Position  September 2015 / Tasting room sales

Bio  Born in Somerset Co., PA, Candy is a certified paralegal, and has worked as a legal assistant for a law firm in the Baltimore inner Harbor for 9 years. She left the firm to have children. Candy works at Allegro for fun now that her boys are getting older.

Hobbies  Photography

Favorite Allegro Wine  Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Water

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  50 Shades of Gray

Celebrity Crush  Ian Somerhalder

Favorite Vacation Spot  Rehoboth Beach, DE

Favorite Musician  Fan of all music

Guilty Pleasure  Ice cream for breakfast

Pet Peeve  Talking to her before she has had her morning coffee

Super Power  Trying to rescue every dog in need

Favorite Sport Team  Steelers (especially Antonio Brown)

Weakness  Overthinking

Strength   Perseverance

Zodiac Sign  Scorpio


Start Date /Position  December 2015 / Wine Goddess

Bio  Tracey is a full-time medical assistant who was born in Bloomington, Indiana. She has a beautiful son named Taylor James.

Hobbies  Reading

Favorite Allegro Wine  Forte

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Scotch

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Pride & Prejudice

Celebrity Crush  Ryan Reynolds

Favorite Vacation Spot  Aruba

Favorite Musician  Evanescence

Guilty Pleasure  Moonlight and Cadenza

Pet Peeve  Domestic Violence

Super Power  Mind reading

Favorite Sport Team  Steelers

Weakness  Giving too much

Strength   Effervescent personality

Zodiac Sign  Pisces


Start Date /Position  May 2016 / Tasting room associate

Bio  Meagan was born in Baltimore and now resides in Red Lion. She has taught high school art education for 6 years. When she first tasted Allegro wine, she knew she was in the right place.

Hobbies  Drawing and painting

Favorite Allegro Wine  Funk

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Rum-n-Coke

Favorite Book/Movie/TV Show  Game of Thrones

Celebrity Crush  Johnny Depp

Favorite Vacation Spot  Outer Banks

Favorite Musician  Third Eye Blind/Twenty One Pilots

Guilty Pleasure  Chocolate

Pet Peeve  Her dog's gas

Super Power  Mystic

Favorite Sport Team  N/A

Weakness  Spiders

Strength   Smiling!!

Zodiac Sign  Gemini


Start Date /Position  May 2016 / Wine glass filling and emptying

Bio  From Red Lion, Libby grew up about 5 minutes from the winery. She attended York College, and continues to work there full-time as the Director of Event Operations, managing all of their athletic and special events. Already familiar with Allegro wines, Libby started visiting the winery more frequently after her mother (see Amy below) became a Wine Club member.

Hobbies  Filling out surveys

Favorite Allegro Wine  Cadenza

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Don Quixote, The Shining, Roots

Celebrity Crush  Pete Davidson from SNL

Favorite Vacation Spot  Anywhere with a beach

Favorite Music  Classic Rock

Guilty Pleasure  --

Pet Peeve  People driving slowly in the fast lane

Super Power  If she told you she would have to kill you

Favorite Sports Team  Red Sox

Weakness  --

Strength   --

Zodiac Sign  Cusp of Taurus/Gemini


Start Date /Position  May 2016 / Wine Production Assistant

Bio  After 8 years working in Special Education, Darcy wanted a change; she took the job at Allegro and has no regrets. She is the youngest of 4 girls, and has lived in York County for 16 years. Darcy has had horses for 10 years, but will admit that she was always "that horse-crazy girl". Music is her zen.

Hobbies  Horses

Favorite Allegro Wine  Can't choose just one

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Properly brewed tea

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Anything by Neil Gaiman, Game of Thrones

Celebrity Crush  Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Martin Freeman (among others)

Favorite Music  Indie

Pet Peeve  Incorrect grammar

Super Power  Diffusing tension with humor

Favorite Sport  Doesn't care

Weakness  Self-conciousness / self-doubt

Strength   Adaptability

Zodiac Sign  Libra


Start Date /Position  July 2016 / Tasting room associate

Bio  Amy was born and raised in Red Lion, just like her parents and grandparents. She has a Bachelor of Music from Susquehanna University as a piano/vocals major. She is happily retired from teaching classroom music for Souther York County school district (39 years!), teaching elementary K-6, and directing both 5th and 6th grade choirs.

Hobbies  Reading, traveling, singing and walking

Favorite Allegro Wine  Reserve Chardonnay, subject to change

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Heveweizen beer

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Casablanca, anything Ken Burns

Celebrity Crush  Charlton Heston (yes, she is aware that Chuck is dead)

Favorite Vacation Spot  Her front porch

Favorite Music  40's and 50's Jazz

Guilty Pleasure  Peanut Butter

Pet Peeve  Clutter

Super Power  Intuition

Favorite Sport  Cycling - Tour-de-France

Weakness  Wine, of course

Strength   Listening

Zodiac Sign  Cancer


Start Date /Position  October 2016 / Retail staff at the winery

Bio  Born & bred in Harford County, Maryland, Sara crossed the PA border to attend York College of Pennsylvania and then became a full-time transplant. She graduated from YCP in 2010 with a B.S. in Marketing, and is currently working full-time in Broadcasting. Allegro is her weekend fun job - the delicious wine is an additional perk! Sara currently lives in Dallastown, PA with her husband & two dogs.

Hobbies  Crafting and home decor

Favorite Allegro Wine  Bridge

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage  Any good IPA or a Bloody Mary

Favorite Book, Movie, TV Show  Game of Thrones. She's a sucker for Mystery and SciFi novels

Celebrity Crush  Zac Efron

Favorite Vacation Spot  Negril, Jamaica

Favorite Musician  All kinds - enjoys attending country concerts

Guilty Pleasure  Animals

Pet Peeve  Bullying

Super Power  Dreams of teleportation

Favorite Sport Team  Baltimore Ravens

Weakness  Running late

Strength   Friendly and social - good at conversation

Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius