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Our Story

The challenges of running both a vineyard and a winery simultaneously are very real.  Each side of the adventure has its own rhythms and cycles; each demands a different kind of attention to quality. The good news is that we view the double venture as an opportunity to follow a single focus: great wines.

Because we grow many of the grapes used to make our wines, our loyalties are undivided.  In the vineyard,  we can focus more on wine-grape quality than on high yields, and in the cellar we know what we can demand and expect from that year's harvest.

Allegro Vineyards has witnessed three decades of successful growth. Most of the vines, including outstanding Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, were planted in 1973. Musician brothers John and Tim Crouch purchased the property in 1978 and constructed the winery building in 1980, opening its tasting room for business in 1981.

The Crouches gained critical acclaim for their commitment to making excellent European-styled, reasonably-priced table wines. After Tim's death in 2000, John sold the business to us --husband-and-wife partners Carl Helrich and Kris Miller. It continues to be a wonderful place to grow.

We currently grow seven varieties of grapes in our six acres of vineyards, where good fortune and a favorable mesoclimate contribute to fruit with remarkable character and flavor.  The shallow, well-drained soils and unique weather patterns in this part of southern York County, Pennsylvania, are conducive to the growth of excellent wine grapes, as is the southern exposure of our site.

The winery building is about as un-glamorous as they come, but here aesthetics can take a back seat to functionality. Inside Allegro you'll find 6,000 square feet of attention to the craft of winemaking.  Banked on three sides, the block building retains a cool, humid environment where wines thrive.  A tour of the building and grounds showcases the destemmer, press, oak barrels, and stainless steel tanks where grapes are transformed into wines.

In the back corner of our tank space, you can view a testament to the singular focus of Allegro's vineyards and winery. Our historical library of thirty years of Allegro's premium vintages, primarily of Bordeaux blends and Chardonnay, speaks volumes about the winegrowing and winemaking potential of this corner of the world.


This, then, is the reward of all the aspects of our labors.